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Sell your Property on Costa del Sol with Us

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So it's time to sell your property on Costa del Sol, but where do you even begin?

If you have owned a property here on Costa del Sol or Marbella, there is every likely hood that you already know a few Marbella estate agents; however that is not always the case. Like previously mentioned on our website, please act with caution because with a flashy web design and clever wording you can pretty much be anyone. We implore you to please do your research when looking for a real estate agent in Marbella or surrounding Costa del Sol to sell your property. Ensure that they have a well established office premise, fixed landlines and not just a mobile phone; and at the very least Spanish speaking members within the team.

Sell your home in San Pedro 

Remember, the Real Estate Agent you instruct has access to your home so please proceed with caution. KMS real estate Solutions can help you sell your home in San Pedro, Marbella, Estepona, and surrounding Costa del Sol. 

Why should you choose KMS Property to sell your property on Costa del Sol? 

  • We are proud to be a fully approved REAS Accredited agency
  • We have a dedicated in-house marketing department whose sole purpose is to achieve maximum worldwide exposure for each property that we have listed
  • Our staff undergo rigorous training both in-house and outsourced and also attend marketing seminars and conferences to ensure that they are knowledgeable on the latest marketing trends
  • We have wonderful established offices in the heart of San Pedro Alcántara which are staffed at all times in office hours by Spanish speaking members of staff. Within the team we also speak English, German, Dutch and French
  • We have websites in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French to attract clients from these countries
  • We are very well known along the coast and over the years we have built solid collaborations with select fellow agents with whom we offer our properties to their clients getting maximum exposure for your property
  • We are members of Resales and Infocasa which are 2 of the largest Multi Listing Systems in Spain. When we place your property on these platforms, it gets seen by thousands of fellow agents
  • We subscribe to many property portals to achieve world wide exposure such as Primelocation, Costa Del Home, Zoopla, Yaencontre, there are too many to list and we invest every year in more portals to cover as many counties as possible
  • We advertise in press such as the well established Costa Del Home property publication, in trade show magazines, in Spanish publications such as the San Pedro Información, and glossy magazines such as the International Property and Travel
  • We use social media as a post box to the world in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and much more
  • We send out targeted mailing campaigns to our various databases both to direct clients and via our Business to Business networks
  • We use the analytical data from the thousands of people who use our website to enable us to focus our marketing campaigns in the right area
  • Our team are able to conduct business so far in English, Spanish, German & French allowing clients to comfortably communicate in their mother tongue
  • Our clients come from far further afield including Russia, China, America, and even New Zealand especially since the introduction of the Golden Visa
  • We get so excited when we take on a new listing. We ensure that every member of the KMS Property team knows as much as can be relayed from the office junior right up to the Directors. We believe in networking and knowing your properties is so very important as you never know where you might be when someone asks you about a property
  • We take our business responsibilities very seriously and are a fully DIA complaint real estate agent and fully adhere with the latest laws relating to the property industry

Some friendly advice on selling your property in Marbella, Spain

  • Photos are the most important element of marketing your property. Capture the client, make them want to see what your home looks like in real life. This is what our clients see on the website, on the portals, in the adverts, in the mailing campaigns so get it right. You will be shocked at how little you have to spend to get a photo shoot carried out
  • Tidy up, turn the lights on and prepare. No one wants to view a property with the laundry hanging on the terrace or the leftover dirty plates from the night before in the sink. When people enter a property it really is first impressions that count. Ok you don't have to go to the extremes of having a cake baking in the oven with perfumed candles burning and Beethoven playing in the background but at least make the beds, put the toilet seats down, let natural light in and de-clutter
  • Tell us as much as you can about your situation. We treat all clients in a professional manner so what you discuss with us goes no further, however it helps us if we know that the bank are about to foreclose, what your mortgage redemption is, if there is a nasty divorce going on with 1 reluctant party. Help us to help yourself. Let's work together but we need to know the inside track
  • Sales boards work! We know that people love to put private boards up on their house so as not to pay an agents fee, however in our experience clients rather use an agent to broker a deal. Clients like to look at a website first before enquiring to check out the price, what the property is, they like to know that when they call a number, the person at the end of the phone can speak their language. Please allow us to erect a board, you would not believe the difference in enquiry levels having a professional clean agents board erected can make
  • Get an EPC. You will need an EPC at the notary and legally we cannot promote your property without one. No one likes paying but it is the law and you, the client can face fines for not having one. See our dedicated EPC section for our special offer
  • For free impartial advice on the taxes payable upon selling your property, please contact also this handy guide may answer some of your questions

If you are taking your Euros out of the country and exchanging to another currency, please speak to our currency specialist who can literally save you thousands www.hifxpartners.com/kmsproperty